EMPIRE - Escorts Multiple Pronova Implantation Registry

Agarwal P 1 , Bhandari S, Subramanyam K, Kapoor R, Kumar P, Chugh S, Shahi M, Singh B, Mathur A, Kasliwal R, Kler Ts, Trehan N.
Escorts Delhi .Indian Heart Journal 2006

Number of patients enrolled – 300

Inclusion Criteria

All acceptable candidates for PTCA & CABG procedure enrolled in the study.

Exclusion Criteria

Only exclusion was a patient with prior CABG.

Results - at 6 Months

  • Number of patients enrolled – 300
  • In Hospital MACE – 0%
  • Death – 2 patients (0.6%)
  • Check Angio - 101/297 patients


  • A reduction of angina from 96% to 1.66% post angioplasty proves the efficacy of the product.
  • Restenosis rate of 12.6% in this group of patients is comparable to any DES product in a similar subset.