Heart Insure

This unique and caring endeavor from Vascular Concepts gives our patients an exclusive health care program with a personal touch. Our team began with this novel concept in 2009. More than 20,000 patients across various hospitals in India have been enrolled in our wellness program so far.

In this program a post angioplasty patient, implanted with our Pronova XR stent, gets health monitoring and disease management for a period of ONE YEAR. The patient is guided on how he can identify and reduce his Cardio Vascular Disease symptoms and further risk factors. Right from the day that the patient undergoes angioplasty, a dedicated team is actively involved in maintaining patient records. Patients are then approached telephonically, after they settle down back home. This makes them feel cared for and in addition motivational counseling on maintaining a healthy life style through an appropriate diet regimen, regular exercise, avoiding discontinuation of medicines and periodic monitoring of cardiac parameters.

Other features

  • Heart Insure also ensures that if there is a recurrence of the disease at the site of the treated vessel, an exclusive ONE YEAR INSURANCEis extended to the patients. This supports their finances in case of a re-PTCA or CABG, provided it is a stent related event and within one year.
  • Patients can also log on to the Heart Insure website www.heartinsure.com, which provides them access to informative articles on health care, healthy tips on cardiac disease management and latest updates on health camps conducted for patients. Patients can also blog their experiences to share with others or as queries for their doctors.
  • Another important aspect of Heart Insure is conducting PATIENT HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMS. This is one unique platform where one meets patients with similar problems, learns from their experiences and shares them. They hear what the doctor has to comment on their post-operative health and the necessary precautions to be taken along with clarifying their doubts, gives them a moral boost too. They also get to meet the Heart Insure team members who are till now only a ‘voice’ on the phone. This special care and bond is unique only to our HEART INSURE PROGRAM, as no other company give so much personal attention and time to patients.

Please visit us at www.heartinsure.com