PRONOVA MUMBAI - Single Centre Experience with 100 cases of Pronova Sirolimus Eluting stents

A.Chaurasia , Jaywant Nawale, B jayesh , Prashnat Nair ,Pravin Kahale , S Ashraf, N Shridhara, SL Soneji . BYL Nair  Charity Hospital and TN Medical Collge Mumbai , Mumbai

Indian Heart Journal 2004

Drug eluting stents have extended the indications for coronary angioplasty. Percutaneous interventions in long lesions and small to moderate sized vessels are being performed. One hundred sirolimus eluting Pronova stents were deployed in 90 patients at our Centre from July 2003. Of these, 12 patients were suffering from chronic stable angina, 50% patients with unstable angina and 28 % patients with acute myocardial infarction(MI).

22% were diabetic , 75% patients were males and 25 % females. Seventy seven lesions were treated with stents > 20 mm length. One patient received a Pronova for diffuse instent restenosis (ISR) .Of these 100 lesions, 10% were chronic total occlusions and 2 lesions showed an angiographic thrombus .The mean lesion length was 22.3 mm and the number of stents implanted per person was 1.1 . Ten patients received 2 stents of which 5 were deployed on the same artery with overlap . The mean stent length was 24.6 mm and the mean vessel size was 2.85 mm .Thirteen lesions were longer than 35 mm. Sixty five percent patients received glycoprotein (Gp) IIb/IIIa Inhibitors.

The in hospital clinical outcome was excellent with no MI or death. 80 % of the patients were followed up and none of the patients developed sub acute thrombosis, recurrent angina or MI. Thus coronary angioplasty with Pronova is safe and effective at short follow up .