Resistant: Self Expanding Stent System

Nitinol Slotted tube closed cell design with three interlinks per segment

Nine zig-zag elements around circumference ensures wide range of diameters (5.00 mm - 12.0 mm)

Excellent trackability and longitudinal flexibility combined with maximal radial force

FEM optimized fatigue resistant design

Both 5 F and 6 F for total access to all vasculature

Minimal shortening of stent (<9%) provided good metal coverage (up to 25%) on vessel wall

Resistant Ordering Information

Application Device 5F/80 cm
Stent Diameter
Stent Length
30 mm 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm
5.0 RS5-530-80 RS5-540-80 RS5-550-80 RS5-560-80 RS5-580-80 RS5-5100-80
6.0 RS5-630-80 RS5-640-80 RS5-650-80 RS5-660-80 RS5-680-80 RS5-6100-80
7.0 RS5-730-80 RS5-740-80 RS5-750-80 RS5-760-80 RS5-780-80 RS5-7100-80
8.0 RS5-830-80 RS5-840-80 RS5-850-80 RS5-860-80 RS5-880-80 RS5-8100-80
9.0 RS5-930-80 RS5-940-80 RS5-950-80 RS5-960-80 RS5-980-80 RS5-9100-80
10.0 RS5-1030-80 RS5-1040-80 RS5-1050-80 RS5-1060-80 RS5-1080-80 RS5-10100-80
12.0 RS5-1230-80 RS5-1240-80 RS5-1250-80 RS5-1260-80 RS5-1280-80 RS5-12100-80

Application Device 5F/120 cm

Stent Diameter
Stent Length
30 mm 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm 120 mm 100 mm
5.0 RS5-530-120 RS5-540-120 RS5-550-120 RS5-560-120 RS5-5120-120 RS5-5100-120
6.0 RS5-630-120 RS5-640-120 RS5-650-120 RS5-660-120 RS5-6120-120 RS5-6100-120
7.0 RS5-730-120 RS5-740-120 RS5-750-120 RS5-760-120 RS5-7120-120 RS5-7100-120
8.0 RS5-830-120 RS5-840-120 RS5-850-120 RS5-860-120 RS5-8120-120 RS5-8100-120
9.0 RS5-930-120 RS5-940-120 RS5-950-120 RS5-960-120 RS5-9120-120 RS5-9100-120
10.0 RS5-1030-120 RS5-1040-120 RS5-1050-120 RS5-1060-120 RS5-10120-120 RS5-10100-120
12.0 RS5-1230-120 RS5-1240-120 RS5-1250-120 RS5-1260-120 RS5-12120-120 RS5-12100-120
Recommended introducer sheath 5F/ Maximum Guidewire 0.018 inch/0.021 inch

Stent Diameter
Stent Length
30 mm 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm
5.0 RS6-530-80 RS6-540-80 RS6-550-80 RS6-560-80 RS6-580-80 RS6-5100-80
6.0 RS6-630-80 RS6-640-80 RS6-650-80 RS6-660-80 RS6-680-80 RS6-6100-80
7.0 RS6-730-80 RS6-740-80 RS6-750-80 RS6-760-80 RS6-780-80 RS6-7100-80
8.0 RS6-830-80 RS6-840-80 RS6-850-80 RS6-860-80 RS6-880-80 RS6-8100-80
9.0 RS6-930-80 RS6-940-80 RS6-950-80 RS6-960-80 RS6-980-80 RS6-9100-80
10.0 RS6-1030-80 RS6-1040-80 RS6-1050-80 RS6-1060-80 RS6-1080-80 RS6-10100-80
12.0 RS6-1230-80 RS6-1240-80 RS6-1250-80 RS6-1260-80 RS6-1280-80 RS6-12100-80

Application Device 6F/120 cm

Stent Diameter
Stent Length
30 mm 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm 120 mm 100 mm
5.0 RS6-530-120 RS6-540-120 RS6-550-120 RS6-560-120 RS6-5120-120 RS6-5100-120
6.0 RS6-630-120 RS6-640-120 RS6-650-120 RS6-660-120 RS6-6120-120 RS6-6100-120
7.0 RS6-730-120 RS6-740-120 RS6-750-120 RS6-760-120 RS6-7120-120 RS6-7100-120
8.0 RS6-830-120 RS6-840-120 RS6-850-120 RS6-860-120 RS6-8120-120 RS6-8100-120
9.0 RS6-930-120 RS6-940-120 RS6-950-120 RS6-960-120 RS6-9120-120 RS6-9100-120
10.0 RS6-1030-120 RS6-1040-120 RS6-1050-120 RS6-1060-120 RS6-10120-120 RS6-10100-120
12.0 RS6-1230-120 RS6-1240-120 RS6-1250-120 RS6-1260-120 RS6-12120-120 RS6-12100-120
Recommended introducer sheath 6F/ Maximum Guidewire 0.035 inch